Creative Content

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A great way to ensure that you are meeting those high standards is by investing in compelling, engaging creative content for your website, apps and social media channels


Creative Content

Creative content is a broad term that refers to the different types of media that companies use to communicate and promote their products and services—and the brand itself.


Content Formats

This includes a variety of content formats such as blogs, e-books, photos, and brochures, but it also comprises rich media assets such as promotional videos, digital ads and photography.

The best formats for creative content marketing depends on the type of business and the brand’s goals and objectives. Here are some of the most popular types of creative content marketing to consider:

Blogs have a wide variety of content marketing benefits. They solve problems, answer questions, and demonstrate thought leadership. When creating blogs it’s important to choose topics that speak to customers at specific stages in the buyer journey. Blogs should also include a strong call to action, good use of keywords, and a compelling title.

Video content is an excellent format for brand promotion. Often an explainer video is far more effective than a lengthy guide. Furthermore, brands can now personalise content to address the specific needs of a segment of prospects.

E-books, guides, and infographics
E-books and guides are excellent tools for lead generation and give brands a valuable opportunity to explain their brand and product in a detailed, entertaining way. E-books are also a good way of offering gated content in the customer journey, providing they deliver sufficient value.

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